4 Factors When Choosing Your Garage Equipment Supplier

With such a wide choice when it comes to your garage equipment supplier it sometimes becomes a minefield when trying to make your choice.

We have put together our suggestions of things to consider when making your choice to ensure you really get the best value and service from your supplier.

Trust the company?

Where does the company operate from? With the internet, it’s easy for someone to set up in their front room and sell you any old machine. The simple way to check your dealing with a reputable company is to have a quick look on Google Maps. Simply find the postcode, type it in and check the location is not a front room! Can’t find the postcode? Start to wonder why! Tyre Bay Direct operates from a 20,000 sq ft warehouse at B98 7SF in Redditch with a showroom open to the public should you want to visit and try your next piece of garage equipment!

How old is the company?

How long the company been trading is a good indication of reliability and future support they’ll be able to offer. Do you really want to be buying from someone who only started trading last week? Check out companies house for the businesses history or use a service like http://www.nominet.org.uk/ (for any website ending in .co.uk) or http://www.internic.net/whois.html (for any ending .com) to see the sites age.

What happens if something goes wrong? Trust the Reviews!

Talking the talk can be easy when it comes to customer service but walking the walk is a different matter. Often when making a purchase it is best to call up and see what the level of service you receive is like. Knowing someone is going to answer the phone should you have an issue will put your mind at rest massively.

Tyre Bay Direct are proud of our incredibly high level of customer service, as recognised in our Trustpilot reviews, helping reassure customers that if for whatever reason something goes wrong, we’re here to help and solve the issue.

What are they selling? Could you save with a one-stop shop?

Generally speaking, companies offering just garage equipment, especially a limited range, are going to treat you as a one-off customer. They have no desire to retain your business as you won’t be buying machinery again for many years. This leads to the “make the sale, forget the after sale” mentality of just trying to get your money. Tyre Bay Direct sell a wide range of equipment backed up by all the tools and consumables needed to run your garage! Shopping with Tyre Bay Direct is simple and you can save.

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If you would like to discuss your requirements, free of the hard sell style, then give us a call on 01527 883 580. We promise to advise you honestly and will never try to “push” you into making a purchase you don’t need.

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