Tyre Bay Direct asks “are you ready for TPMS?”

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, also known as TPMS will soon become a legal requirement of the MOT test. As of November 1st 2012 all new passenger car models must be fitted with TPMS and a non working TPMS system will be an advisory on the MOT test from 1st January 2012. As from January next year, all taxis will be required to have the TPMS system working to pass the MOT and this will then become the same for all TPMS fitted vehicles as of the start of 2015. This legislation was put into place, by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), following a study of road traffic accidents involving under inflated tyres.

Tyre Bay Direct believes they are best placed to help you prepare for this legislation change! “We have a complete selection of trigger tools, workshop tools, OE TPMS sensor Valves from the likes of Schrader and Beru, as well as full TPMS kits with the ATEQ VT55 tools and popular sensor and service kits” commented Leigh Stote, Sales and Marketing director. He also added “We have gone to great lengths to fully understand all the available systems on the market and the ATEQ tool offers a simple and affordable solution. When it comes to TPMS we are on hand to help choose what is best suited for you and your business”.

Tyre Centres and garages can generate revenue from service kits, replacement sensors and triggering and updating the vehicles ECU, instead of handing this exclusively to the dealerships and with close to 8 million vehicles already sold with TPMS systems Tyre Bay Direct have seen a large amount of their customer base take advantage of the increased revenue now.

They also have one of the most advanced TPMS search facilities available, giving you information in seconds. The website allows you to identify the exact TPMS Valve or service kit you need from just the vehicle make, model and year. The site provides full information on the sensor, the Nm torque settings, associated kits and also what other vehicles the sensor is compliant with.

From their basic TPMS Kits, which gives you a small package of service kits and service valves together with the ATEQ VT15 trigger tool, the grommet removal tool and the core and valve torque tools for a basic service, through to their TPMS kit 3 and the comprehensive ATEQ VT55 OBDII tool which allows ECU programming they are certain they can find the right solution for you.

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