Second Hand and Ex Demo Equipment

Here at Tyre Bay Direct we aim to provide a suitable solution for every customers' needs. Although we will always do our utmost best to provide the best possible deal on brand new tyre equipment, sometimes a second hand or ex demo tyre changer / wheel balancer will better suit your needs and most importantly your budget.

Why choose an ex demo or second hand, used tyre changer / wheel balancer?

Starting a new tyre business can be an expensive investment but with the right support from the right company, it need not be. If you are just starting out in the tyre industry or want to expand your current services to include tyre changing and wheel balancing but do not feel confident enough to commit fully to a brand new machine, this may be the perfect solution. A cheap tyre changer / wheel balancer does not always mean cheap quality. We will never supply a faulty machine so you can be sure they will be of exceptional working quality. All machines, whether it be brand new, second hand, ex demo or a showroom model, are thoroughly tested in house before dispatch.

Where do we get our ex demo, second hand, used tyre changers / wheel balancers from?

We offer a part exchange service for customers who want to upgrade their current machines for a newer model. Some tyre shops grow out of their tyre equipment quickly meaning the tyre changer and/or wheel balancer is in perfect working condition but, for example, they just need a larger turntable or an assisting arm to cope with increased demand. We have their used tyre changer / wheel balancer back and offer them a part exchange deal leaving their second hand equipment to be cleaned up, tested, and dispatched to you at an excellent price. We also have a large demonstration area in our warehouse so we are often able to offer an ex demo tyre changer / wheel balancer at a reduced rate. So if you are on a tight budget this may be an ideal solution for you.

We pride ourselves on providing full, long term support and service for all of our customers and believe our Unite machines will be a worthwhile investment for any tyre shop. Unlike many other second hand dealers, we stock a full range of spare parts for most machines and have a highly knowledgeable, experienced technical team on hand to resolve any issues you may have. With Tyre Bay Direct you can rest assured you and your business is in good hands.

Our ex demo and second hand, used tyre changers / wheel balancers sell quickly and change on a regular basis, so be sure to bookmark this page and visit often! Call us to find out our latest available offers on used, second hand and ex demo cheap tyre changers and/or wheel balancers.

If you have a used tyre changer / wheel balancer and want to exchange for a brand new model we want to hear from you!
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