Tyre Repair Plugs

In many cases, when a tyre has a puncture, it can be repaired. One of the quickest ways it to use a repair plugs or a patch plug combo that offer the benefits of a plug and patch in one. A built in stem and lead wire push through from inside the tire, making a complete, permanent seal inside. Repairs the hole and surface with one product, protecting against leaks and seals against humidity.

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Repair patches

Tyre Bay Direct also stock a wide range of other tyre repair materials including universal patches, tube patches, radial patches and cross ply patches for use on motorcycle tyres, passenger car tyres, LGVs tyre and even truck and agricultural tyres.  

Tyre Changers

Is it time for an upgrade or replacement of your Tyre Changing machines? Take a look at the machines we offer, from the economy Redback brand, renowned Atlas equipment range and premium brand Atlas Platinum  

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