Car Tyre Dust Caps

Tyre Bay Direct keep a wide range of tyre valve dust caps in stock. We are ready to fill your garage’s requirements when it comes to car tyre valve caps and offer them in a variety of colours as well as the increasingly popular chrome car tyre caps.

Ensure you help customers keep their tyres free from dust and debris while providing choice and personalisation that reflects your garage and their vehicle.

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£2.00 ( £2.40 inc VAT )
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Tyre Consumables

Red Plastic Caps Qty 100

£2.00 ( £2.40 inc VAT )
106 In Stock

Tyre Consumables

White Plastic Caps Qty 100

£2.00 ( £2.40 inc VAT )
14 In Stock

Tyre Consumables

Yellow Plastic Caps Qty 100

£2.00 ( £2.40 inc VAT )
563 In Stock

Tyre Consumables

Green Plastic Caps Qty 100

£2.35 ( £2.82 inc VAT )
5 In Stock

Tyre Consumables

Black Plastic Caps Qty 100

£3.45 ( £4.14 inc VAT )
11 In Stock

Why stock Metal Tyre Valve Caps? 

Metal tyre caps are a favourite among many offering a high end looking finish in metallic chrome. Keeping a stock of metal tyre valve dust caps means you can give customers the option to upgrade. This may be the deciding factor for them in which garage to choose. 

By keeping a varied stock of tyre caps you could offer a choice that may mean a lot to a customer even if its just a tyre dust cap to you.

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