Pressure Washers for Car Valeting

We stock a basic range of pressure washers at increasing price points, designed to cope with the daily strain you put on them.

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Nothing will keep customers coming back to your garage all year round like having their car returned to them squeaky clean. That’s where having a pressure washer comes in handy. For ultimate valeting, pressure washers should be used with car cleaning supplies from the Mountain Shine range.

Pressure Washer for more than just Valeting

Your workshop, garage or tyre bay is a tough place to keep clean and with vehicles coming in and out all day you want to be able to wash down quickly. Using a pressure washer can save time and help with the longevity of surfaces in your garage.

Valeting Pressure Washers:

£179.99 ( £215.99 inc VAT )
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£399.99 ( £479.99 inc VAT )
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£549.99 ( £659.99 inc VAT )
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£1,699.99 ( £2,039.99 inc VAT )
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Why not look at valeting the inside of vehicles as well with valeting vacuum cleaners from Tyre Bay direct. Keep your supply of cleaning essentials well stocked with car cleaning products.

Looking for a full valeting package?

Call our friendly team now to discuss the initial purchase and ongoing supply of all the car cleaning supplies you need to add car cleaning as an additional service in your busines.

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Don't forget your Car Cleaning Essentials:

Garage Cleaning Supplies

Mountain Glass Cleaner Spray

£2.99 ( £3.59 inc VAT )
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