Trolley Jacks for Cars

Discover our range our car Trolley Jacks at Tyre Bay Direct, and you will be sure to find the perfect fit for your exact vehicle lifting requirements.

All our car jack models have been designed and built to withstand the everyday use of any busy tyre fitting shop – that’s why we have been the go-to provider for many workshops across the UK since 2003.

Shop our Trolley Jacks now:

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£233.99 incl VAT£194.99 excl VAT
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£239.99 incl VAT£199.99 excl VAT
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Car Trolley Jacks you can depend on…

Partnered with SIP industrial, our entire range of Winntec Trolley Jack equipment has been through rigorous testing to ensure they are able to cope with the extensive use of garage life.

The selection of car jacks available are suitable for use in all garages and workshops, offering cost-effective car lifting solutions without compromising on high-quality products. Designed to meet industry-standards, every model comes with plenty of features that will ensure the smooth running of all your garage services.

Pick out your next Trolley Jack at Tyre Bay Direct!

Do you know the benefits of a low profile trolley jack? Are you lost in the world of trolley jacks and need a helping hand?

We understand the complexities of trying to choose the right model of car trolley jack for your garage services - that’s why we have specialists that are always here to help!

Contact us online today or call our team to discuss your requirements - get the low down on everything trolley Jacks.


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