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Janitorial Supplies are essential products for all businesses, especially a working garage. They will help keep your garage clean and ensure a safe environment for your employees. As well as offering a full range of PPE equipment we are also able to supply you with a full range of garage cleaning supplies.

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Garage Cleaning Supplies

Amber Ind Liquid Hand Soap

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Garage Cleaning Supplies

Whizz through the daily cleaning regime with help from our range of garage cleaning products, including industrial chemical workshop floor degreaser and oil spill kits.

We also offer a full range of supplies that are designed for industrial, commercial and municipal users, including everyday essentials such as blue roll and refuse sacks. We stock essential washroom items such as liquid soap and industrial hand cleaning gel to ensure that your staff are able to maintain a professional appearance at all times.

Clean, safe and protected at work

Not only will your workspace be gleaming after using our cleaning products, but your technicians and staff will be safe and protected by our range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that we offer. All these help you maintain a professional company image.

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Cleaning up oil spills in garage?

Tyre Bay Direct offers two solutions to cleaning up oil spills in your garage. For large spills, there's the 20L Oil Vehicle spill kit or for small day to day spills keep stock of the Oil Only absorbent pads!

New tools for a Clean Workshop Garage?

Now you’ve got your tyre bay, garage or workshop space sparkling, why not invest in some new workshop tools and equipment to suit. Tyre Bay Direct offers a great range of Air Powered Tools & Accessories to keep you working at maximum speed.

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