Essential Tyre Repair Chemicals

We stock all the everyday repair chemicals & sealants that you will need in your tyre bay, workshop or MOT centre from rubber buffing solution to tyre soap and sealants to vulcanising glue and cement, as well as all the tyre repair tools you will need for the job.

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Repair Chemicals & Sealants

Rubber Buffer/Buffing Solution Spray

£3.99 ( £4.79 inc VAT )
250 In Stock

Need other tyre consumables?

Save more money with our Essential Consumables Pack that contains all the essentials such as Fast Dry Vulcanising Solution, Bead Sealer, Tyre Mounting Paste and much more.

Tyre Changers

Is it time for an upgrade or replacement of your Tyre Changing machines? Take a look at the machines we offer, from the economy Redback brand, renowned Atlas equipment range and premium brand Atlas Platinum  

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