Air Compressors and Accessories for Garages

Here at Tyre Bay Direct we have a range of professional air compressors for sale with your vehicle tyre shop in mind, including the vertical and silenced variants, and we also have a selection of petrol driven air compressors.

Our fully comprehensive range has the perfect air compressor for your garage needs – with a range of Airmate products available, we also have the perfect price tag as well!

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Air Compressor Accessories

Pcl 5m Air Line with 10mm Id X 17mm Od

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Air Compressor Accessories

Pcl 10m Air Line with 10mm Id X 17mm Od

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Air Compressor: Need to know

There are loads of applications for a compressor - so naturally there are many different types of air compressors, with many different specifications. They can be used to power garage jobs such as inflating tyres or operating a nail gun around your workshop. Portable air compressors are good for light, quick jobs as they tend to have a smaller tank with a handle and wheels to make them easy to manoeuvre. The size of the tank will determine how much air is stored and therefore how long it will run so if you are using tools that require a high volume of air for longer, then you should consider a larger tank.

Do you require Air Compressor Accessories?

We also have a wide selection or Air Lines, Hoses and Reels as well as compressed Air Tools, Airline Fixings and Adapters: